2PM to stage new song exclusively on “SNL Korea 8”

2PM is staging an unconventional comeback and will be releasing their new song through tvN’s SNL Korea Season 8. 

Appearing as celebrity hosts for the eighth season of the live comedy program, 2PM will be making their exclusive return by unveiling their title track live. The group is already getting hype for their nontraditional approach as artist normally reveal their new songs through music shows or comeback events.

A representative of the program also stated that 2PM is busy preparing for a number of concepts to broadcast their ideas directly and asked fans to look forward to their appearance.

Aside from their live performance on SNL8, 2PM is also scheduled to release 1 minute previews of their track online prior to the release of their latest album.

Meanwhile, 2PM will start their run on SNL8 on September 11th and return with their new album Gentleman’s Game on September 13th.

Source: Dispatch