2PM’s Wooyoung Reveals What He Thinks Of Their Nickname “One-And-Only Sexy”

“It’s an excessive compliment.”

2PM made their debut in 2008, where they took the K-Pop world by storm with their chiseled bodies and wild, beastly stage personas that earned them the nickname “beast-dols” (beast idols)!

2PM in 2008

They had a concept that shaped a sexy image of them to the public, which also earned them the additional nicknames of “K-Sexy” and “One-And-Only-Sexy” from their fans, HOTTEST!

And now, 13 years after their debut, the members revealed their thoughts on these nicknames that were given to them all those years ago! Wooyoung shared how they all felt like it was an “excessive compliment”, and that they’re actually pretty shy about these nicknames!

It’s an excessive compliment. I think we’ve received these excessive compliments as we put a lot of sincerity into each of our stages. Words like “K-Sexy” and “One-And-Only Sexy” are things we don’t know about and we’re shy about it.


Wooyoung | JYP Entertainment

He then talked about how all the members and sincere, and work hard to try and excel at whatever they do!

We just tried to show something that was appropriate for our age. We also receive a lot of inspiration from our juniors, seniors, and colleagues.

We think that this is our own fight and it is our efforts that make our skills. We try to do our best in music, acting, and all areas.


Taecyeon then also commented on how while that may have been their charm point when they were in their 20s, with their new comeback, they’ll try to show off a different charm since they’re all in their 30s now!

We would look quite distinctive from what we were like in our 20s. Back then, we put emphasis on our youth, ambition, and passion… But this time, we will highlight what we can best pull off at this age.


Taecyeon | JYP Entertainment

2PM made their comeback with the album Must and title track “Make It”.

Watch it here!

Source: SpoTV News