2PM’s Chansung confirmed casting for Japanese film “Wasureyuki”

2PM‘s Chansung is to star in an upcoming Japanese film, 忘れ雪 (Wasureyuki), as the lead male role. The idol star is surely stepping up as an international actor.

Wasureyuki was once a best-selling manga with over 700 thousand copies sold. It is about a naive love story between a couple who believes that if you make a wish at the last moment of the snowfall, your wish will be granted.

Chansung, opposite Japanese actress Ono Ito, is to act as character Yoon Tae Oh, an exchange student who returns to Japan to work as a veterinarian. During his time in Japan, he reunites with his childhood friend Miyuki. Their innocent love story is to be taken over by renowned director, Han Sang Hee. He has also directed emotional romance films, including, Virgin Snow in 2007, Love’s Word in 2014, and more.

Changsung has been consistently building his portfolio as an actor. Since his debut in the sitcom High Kick! for MBC, he starred in multiple works. These include, drama Jungle Fish for KBS, 7th Grade Civil Servant for MBC, film Red Carpet, and more. 

Meanwhile, the film officially began filming on March 14th in Tokyo.

Source: Xports News