2PM’s comeback may be pushed back after running into problems with production crew

2PM has run into trouble with its production staff after they ran into problems regarding their comeback music video shoot.

On May 11th, JYP Entertainment posted on their official website, “Hello. This is JYP Entertainment.”

“2PM was planning to release their music video on June 1st, however 4 days ago Dexter Lab Production’s director Han Sa Min told us ‘Due to my personal relationship with an artist making a release at the same time I cannot shoot their music video.’ The one-sided announcement put an abrupt halt on 2PM’s production.”

“Also on the same day, director Kim Ji Yong of Fantasy Lab told us suddenly that he would be discontinuing the shoot of GOT7’s music video.”

“Due to their irresponsible actions, the schedules that were made with consideration of our artists’ busy schedule now has to be remade from shooting date, album release, and marketing strategy.”

“We plan to take severe legal action against the irresponsible actions of the two production companies and the damages they have caused. We apologized to the fans because we know how much you have been all waiting. We will do our best to never let something like this happen again.”

Source: 10Asia

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