[★BREAKING] 2PM Jun.K rushed to hospital after falling off stage platform

2PM‘s Jun.K has been rushed to the hospital following a 3M drop between stages.

During tonight’s performance by 2PM for their 6 Nights concert event, Jun.K is reported to have fallen off the stage nearly 3M (almost 9 feet) between moving platforms. It was reported that as the group was about to perform “Hands Up”, he fell between moving trolleys and was taken away by stretcher.

He was quickly rushed to the hospital.

It is reported that fans will be refunded for the event, although many on social media are currently just wishing for his safe recovery.

JYP Entertainment has released their official statement regarding the incident.

“The concert has been cancelled as a member fell off the stage during a performance. Currently, Jun.K is receiving a thorough medical examination. We cannot say anything about the plans for future concerts as of yet.”

JYP Entertainment