2PM’s Jun.K takes legal action against netizens who insulted his late father

It has been revealed that 2PM‘s Jun.K has taken legal action against netizens who insulted his late father online.

Read the agency’s complete statement below:

“Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

“The members of 2PM have been subject to years of criticism on their appearances, sexual harassment, and insults towards family members online. We have sent in a legal case on May 29, 2015, against these netizens. 

Kim Min Jun in particular was subject to a netizen posting ‘Congratulations ^^ congratulations on your father’s death ^^ congratulations on the relief money ^^ clap clap clap’ at the time of his father’s passing and dishonoring his family severely.

“The netizen also uploaded pictures of an abhorrent skeleton and body claiming that it was the body of Kim Minjun’s late father. These posts targeted not only Minjun but also his family. Such actions and content cannot be morally accepted.

“The company plans to take severe actions against those who are spreading false rumors and making insulting posts. We do not plan to show leniency to any of these culprits.”

Source: OSEN