2PM’s Junho to participate in Japanese pop band DREAM COME TRUE’s upcoming album

It has been revealed that 2PM‘s Junho will be participating in the upcoming 25th Anniversary Best Album for popular Japanese pop band DREAM COME TRUE, or DCT.

The news was revealed on February 18th through Japanese media portal Sports Hochi and Fuji TV news. Junho will join other well-known Japanese stars, including Tokunaga Hidetoshi and JUJU, and will each be singing their own rendition of DCT’s tracks on their upcoming anniversary album. With so many artists set to participate in this milestone event, it is important to note that Junho was the only invited Korean artist.

Junho will be covering the hit track “The signs of LOVE,” a track originally released in 1995 as part of the duo’s single “Thank You” which sold over a million copies and achieved 3x Platinum.

The 2PM singer was quoted saying, “I am honored to be participating in DREAM COME TRUE sunbaenim’s 25th Anniversary cover album.”

DCT is a two member pop band in Japan that formed in 1988 with Masato Nakamura as the bass player and Miwa Yoshida as the lead vocalist. The group originally debuted as a trio with keyboard player Takahiro Nishikawa, who later left in 2002.

Source: X Sports News