2PM’s Jun.K Reportedly Underwent Plastic Surgery On His Jaw Before Enlisting 

He reportedly got surgery.

Jun.K was reported to have suffered from paralysis on his right jaw while on military enlistment. 


Speculations rose, however, as it was discovered that the 2PM singer underwent plastic surgery on his jaw a month before he enlisted. It left fans to question if the sudden facial paralysis was a direct complication of his surgery. 


It further raised questions as the procedure was done during the period of reflection for his drunk driving incident. 


A medical expert commented, “This surgery requires more than three weeks of therapy right after, depending on its prognosis. It may take more than a month to recover if you are in the middle of a military service.” 


JYP Entertainment were aware that the singer was being treated for pain but was unsure of the cause. They also stated they did not know about the reported plastic surgery he received.


All other information is to be relayed through the military while he is on enlistment. 


Source: Sports Kyunghyang