2PM’s Jun.K May Be Suffering From Facial Paralysis

Jun.K can’t move his right jaw.

In an exclusive release, it has been reported that 2PM‘s Jun.K has been suffering from paralysis in his right jaw.


The report states that Jun.K had previously noticed an abnormality with his jaw during his training at the recruitment center in Gangwon.

Later on, the report states he made a complaint that he felt paralysis in his right jaw.


Prior to enlisting in the military, Jun.K underwent surgery on his face at a Seoul hospital in April.

It is not known whether aftereffects from the surgery was the cause of Jun.K’s paralysis, or it was from an accident that occurred during training.


Jun.K is currently serving his military service, so he can’t return to the hospital he received the surgery at for a re-operation or treatment.

Since Jun.K has not mentioned any physical pains with his injury, he will adjust to the military life with it, and seek medical attention from the military hospitals.


JYP Entertainment has commented, saying it is difficult to confirm since it happened in the military.

“Because this is something that happened in the military, it’s also hard for us to confirm. We will let you know if it is confirmed.” — JYP Entertainment

Source: Sports Kyunghyang