2PM’s Taecyeon and Jun.K Are Model Soldiers Every Male Idol Should Look Up To

These idols are the very image of the perfect soldier.

2PM‘s Taecyeon and Jun.K shared photos of the two of them hanging out during a break from military training in the perfect illustration of their exemplary commitment to service… and looking very different from their idol days!


2PM’s official instagram account posted two photos of the idols together – one where they are laughing with arms around each other… as the idols and friends Taecyeon and Jun.K.


And in the other, they are smiling and saluting the camera… as model soldiers.


Taecyeon was the first member of 2PM to enter the military and gave up his US citizenship and had surgery on his waist in order to enlist. Taecyeon completed his basic military training in October 2017 and was transferred to become an assistant in military instruction. It was reported that he showed an excellent attitude during training and received a lot of praise and therefore was selected for the promotion to become a private.


After enlisting in the military earlier this year, Jun.K received a citation from the director of the division and continues his exemplary military service.


Fans are glad to see them together again and are commenting on how they are serving the country so well.

  • “So happy to see you together!! Love you!! Serve well and take care please. We’ll be waiting.”
  • “So happy to see them together.”
  • “I’m so proud.”
  • “Every time I see Taecyeon he looks cooler.”
  • “Taecyeon didn’t have to go to the army. Giving up your U.S. citizenship and joining the army… easier said than done. Great and great again.”
  • “Taeckay meet together finally…a bit touching to see you 2 together…please go to visit Wooyoungie too…love”


It won’t be too long now until the members are reunited together again!

Source: Osen