The 3 Most Important Things JYP Looks For In His Artists, And They’re Not Talent

As CEO of one of the three biggest Korean entertainment companies, Park Jin Young just revealed the three most important qualities that he looks for before signing an artist to represent the label.

Park Jin Young appeared on Mnet’s Stray Kids and pointed out that three most important qualities for the label’s artists are honesty, sincerity, and humility.

He truly believes that he does not want to produce anyone with low integrity—even if you’re a talented singer, your talents are worthless if you don’t have Park Jin Young’s desired qualities.

“When I get offers to produce music for some artists, I cannot accept the offer if the artist lacks integrity. What would I want to make them more money for? Earning an income is very important, but I would rather have them happy with the whole experience as artists. If the person lacks either musical talents or integrity, it is my goal to fulfill what is lacking. My dream is to discover someone who posess both musical talents as well as the determination I am looking for.”

— Park Jin Young

What Park Jinyoung wants his artists to remember is that it is very difficult to remain humble and determined once fame is secured, so he wants them to be ready.

“You need to become a person who doesn’t have to consciously watch their behavior in front of someone. Be true to yourselves and continue to prove that you are worth it. I don’t ever want you to be pretentious because if you are not sincere, everybody will eventually find out, sooner or later. Before becoming a celebrity, you have to be ready to become one.”

— Park Jin Young on Mnet’s Stray Kids

Although Park Jin Young is not really heavily involved with the trainees, the implementation of his three basic principles is what nourishes the artists and trainees in JYP Entertainment.

Fans are reacting to his valuable lessons, remembering the same key points he emphasizes over and over again on different TV shows.

Park Jin Young’s methodology appears to be working as many artists under his label are often praised for being conscientious and humble.

It is evident that the strict integrity check that JYP Entertainment is doing is working and fans really appreciate the modesty of their artists.

Watch the full clip of Park Jin Young’s lesson on Mnet’s Stray Kids below:

Source: Chosun