“3 People” featuring Sung Si Kyung confirmed for Toy’s 7th album

It has been confirmed that the vocalist for the “3 People,” title track of Toy’s 7th album, is going to be none other than the singer Sung Si Kyung.

On November 7th, Yoo Hee Yeol’s company stated that the famous ballad singer Sung Si Kyung has been confirmed as the singer of the title song for Toy’s 7th album. However, they are still deciding whether or not to have 2 title tracks or just one. This marks Sung Si Kyung’s 3rd appearance in Toy’s discography as the singer made appearances in the 5th and 6th albums.

The song3 People” is also regarded as 2014’s version of the song “Good Person,” performed by Kim Hyung Joong on Toy‘s 5th album. “Good Person” depicts a man’s feelings towards his friend’s lover, and the new title song “3 Peopledepicts the story that follows “Good Person.”

A company associate has stated: “‘3 People’ is a hot topic currently due to the fact that it is the title song for Toy’s newest album in 7 years. We are anticipating how Sung Si Kyung’s melodic voice can contribute to Toy’s abstract music.

The album is set to release on November 18th and includes renowned singers such as AKMU’s Su Hyun, Lee Juck, Dynamic Duo, Beenzino, Zion.T, Lim Kim, Kim Dong Ryul, Kwon Jin AhCrush, and Sun Woo Jung Ah, and more.

A source from Antenna Music has mentioned, “This album contains many musicians of different colors. We were able to try multiple new genres as well.” Yoo Hee Yeol has been working very hard to find the balance between his unique style as well as give way for rappers to show their individual styles. He also added that he thinks this music will hold great appeal for those in their teens and twenties.

Meanwhile, Toy, which is a legendary duet group in Korean music history, made their debut in 1994 with the song “In My Heart.” Their most renowned songs, include, “That I was By You,” “Good Person,” “Fevered Goodbye,” and “I Wonder If You Are Still Beautiful.” It is a commonly held notion that to be featured as a vocalist in Toy’s album is to be acknowledged as a talented vocalist in the industry.  Yoo Hee Yeol will be using this stage name to release his 7th album.

Source: TV Report and Ten Asia