A 3rd-Gen K-Pop Group’s 2015 MV Gains New Life With Unexpected Viral TikTok Trend

Fans of the group thought the trend looked familiar 👀

Recently, a promotional video of the penguins from Penguins Of Madagascar, a DreamWorks movie released in 2014, dancing to Pitbull‘s “Celebrate” has gone viral on TikTok.

The dancing clip, originally called the “Penguin Shake,” went viral as netizens’ noticed it seemed to fit multiple songs.

One song paired with the video, “Half On A Sack” by American hip hop group Three 6 Mafia, caught netizens’ attention as TikTok users began to perform the “Penguin Shake” to the song.

The mature lyrical content and explicit language used in the song made it an unexpected choice to use with the children’s movie clip. Still, it went viral for how well it fit the choreography and the comedic element of the unexpected pairing.


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♬ Half On a Sack – Three 6 Mafia

So what does this have to do with K-Pop? The “Penguin Shake,” created by late American choreographer Stephen “tWitch” Boss, was performed by the K-Pop group UNIQ in 2015.

Only a few months into their debut, UNIQ impressively recorded their own official soundtrack version of “Celebrate” for the Penguins Of Madagascar release in China, and in the 2015 music video, they used the “Penguin Shake” dance in their choreography.

UNIQ | Yuehua Entertainment

UNIQ even danced with the virtual penguins eight years before it was a TikTok trend.

The resurfaced clip and UNIQ’s involvement renewed fans’ wishes for a group reunion and have many hoping the members will jump on the TikTok trend themselves!

| @celestialshinestar/TikTok

The members of UNIQ virtually reunited for the first time in five years earlier this year to help one of their fellow members propose. Check out more on that in the article below!

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Source: TikTok