These 4 Male Idols Are Most Koreans’ Ideal Type

Korean netizens came together to discuss which male idol was their ideal type and the results say it all.

The glory of the most desirable idol went to WANNA ONE’s Minhyun.

This decision rings true as Minhyun is often called “the perfect husband type.”

He is said to have the most polite, kind, and positive personality which has made everyone fall in love with him.

He also has true visuals that no one seems to be able to take their eyes off of.

WANNA ONE’s Seongwoo is also a favorite among Korean netizens.

His superior visuals, soft-spoken demeanor, kind nature, and heart-melting aegyo made him a crowd favorite.

Who would be able to resist this handsome man’s aegyo?

3rd in line was EXO’s Chanyeol who made the cut for his tall stature, sweet and dorky nature, and, last but not least, his timeless visuals.

With credentials like that, it’s certainly hard to argue!

WANNA ONE’s members dominated the list of some of Korea’s most desirable with Kang Daniel also being one of the most wanted male idols.

Fans believe he is one of the very few people who can be sexy and cute at the same time.

He has a tall and muscular body, but a cute face complemented by his humble and gentle personality.

No list of most desirable idols would be complete without one of the world’s sexiest men: SHINee’s Minho.

He is loved by netizens for being handsome, gentle, kind…even their moms love him!

It appears being handsome and kind is what Koreans want in a man (or at least a male idol).

Source: Nate