4 Top Actors Criticized After Renewing Their Contracts With YG Entertainment

“Wow they resigned even though they know it’s a house full of criminals.”

YG Entertainment recently announced that four of their top actors have renewed their exclusive contracts with the company. Kang Dong Won, Lee Sung Kyung, Son Ho Joon, and Cha Seung Won all decided to continue their careers under YG’s management.


They began to receive criticisms by the netizens as they were accused of ignoring the crimes committed under YG Entertainment’s provisions.

Wow they resigned even though they know it’s a house full of criminals. I can’t trust them anymore. They must think the public are idiots.”

“I’m shocked that Kang Dong Won would pretend not to know what’s going on”

“I’m not longer Kang Dong Won’s fan.”

“Why would they do that??”

— K-Netizens


Cha Seung Won was one of the first actors to sign with YG’s actor management back in 2014. He is currently filming the movie “Sink Hole”.


Lee Sung Kyung made her acting debut under YG Entertainment back in 2014, where she appeared on It’s Okay That’s Love. She went onto become a household name and is working on SBS’s upcoming new drama, Dr. Romantic 2.


Kang Dong Won made headlines when he joined YG in 2016 as he was one of the most popular actors and YG’s acting management was still relatively new. He is currently working on the film, “Bando”.


Lastly, Son Ho Joon joined YG in 2016 and is currently working on JTBC’s upcoming drama, Did We Love.

Source: News1 and Nate Pann