Here Are The 40 Most Influential Celebrities In Korea According To Forbes

Who are the biggest celebrities in Korea?

American business magazine Forbes has released their 2019 Korean “Power Celebrity Ranking” which seeks to rank the most “powerful” celebrities in Korea based on their professional achievements, influence, popularity and earnings.

Interestingly, the selection criteria was altered slightly this year to include social media presence and media exposure. This gave BLACKPINK the edge over BTS due to their personal Instagram accounts and their more regular appearances on Korean television.


2. BTS


4. Kang Daniel

5. Red Velvet

6. Park Na Rae

7. Hong Jin Young

8. Han Ji Min

9. Son Heung Min

10. EXO

11. Ryu Jun Heol

12. Yoo Jae Suk

13. Bae Jung Nam

14. IU

15. Yoo Byung Jae

16. Seolhyun

17. Jun Hyun Moo

18. Park Bo Gum

19. Lee Byung Hun

20. Jung Hae In


22. Yoo Yeon Seok

23. Kim Tae Ri

24. Sunmi

25. Lee Seung Gi

26. Hwasa

27. Girl’s Generation

28. Jo Bo Ah


30. Park Seo Joon

31. Son Ye Jin

32. Naeun

33. Lee Young Ja

34. Han Hye Jin

35. Park Joon Hyung

36. Baek Jong Won

37. GOT7

38. Ha Jung Woo

39. Ryu Hyun Jin

40. Joo Ji Hoon