Over 450,000 Fans Have Signed A Petition To Keep B.I In iKON

They feel he did nothing wrong.

The K-Pop world has been turned upside down by the leaking of messages that reveal that B.I of iKON planned to buy large amounts of drugs for recreational use, including LSD.

These leaks quickly snowballed into B.I announcing his departure from the group and YG Entertainment terminating his contract shortly after. Many fans are beyond disappointed because the group was peaking in popularity and B.I was a large part of their music.

B.I said in his statement that he never actually took drugs but he wanted to because of the pain he was dealing with at the time. It’s because of the fact that he claims that he never took any illegal substances that many fans believe he shouldn’t have to leave iKON. They have started a petition on Change.org entitled “Hanbin shouldn’t have to leave iKON”.

The petition has over 450,000 signatures already and their supposed goal is 500,000. We’ll have to wait and see whether B.I or YG Entertainment acknowledge the existence of this petition.

Source: Change