(★BREAKING) 46-Year-Old School Principal Rapes Student 100+ Times

The victim finally told the police everything.

A Busan after-school academy principal has been arrested and charged with threatening, blackmailing and raping a student. Busan’s Police Department arrested the 46-year-old principal on January 15 after the victim reported the case to the police.

Source: Yonhap

The horrific incidents started in November 2014 in the after-school academy. The victim was then a High School student in her second year.

She explained how she was not very popular in her High School because she had trouble fitting in. However, at the academy, she was able to fit in and was having a good time. She felt as if she was coming out of her shell and her life was changing.

Unfortunately, the 46-year-old principal saw this and used her vulnerabilities to his advantage. He threatened to kick her out of the academy unless she had sex with him. She succumbed to the threats because she finally felt happy and was making friends and didn’t want to lose this.

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Afterwards, she told the principal she did not want to come to the academy anymore but he then told her that he had recordings of them together and threatened to release them to her friends, family, and potential universities that she was applying too.

In fear of the backlash and shame, the girl felt like she had no choice but to give in to his demands and was regularly raped from November 2014 to September 2017. When she could not take it any longer, she went to the authorities in September of last year and told them about the abuse she endured.

She confessed that she had been sexually assaulted on over 100 separate occasions. She also revealed that the principal had stolen her debit card and took her money as well. The amount totals to around 6.9 million won or $6500.

The principal’s arrest warrant has currently been filed and sent to the prosecution’s office. Authorities are in the process of using forensic analysis to see if they can find the video the principal used to blackmail the victim.

Busan police also announced that they are looking into the possibility of there being more victims besides the girl who came forward and seeing if the principal was a serial offender.

Source: Kookmin Ilbo and Korea Herald