4MEN’s Kim Won Joo will officially enlist in the military this November

Enlistment time has finally come for 4MEN member Kim Won Joo as he is set to depart in November.

According to a music insider, Won Joo will officially enlist on November 11th. Following his military training, it is being reported that he will enlist in active duty.

Originally, he was reported to be enlisting in September, however, this was pushed back for two months.

4MEN has seen several lineup change since debuting in 1998 and currently consists of Kim Won Joo, who joined in 2008, and Shin Yong Jae. The duo last made their most recent comeback earlier this year with a mini-album and ballad track, “You’re My Home.” Though the industry was full of comebacks from other top artists including BIGBANG and EXO at the time of their comeback, 4MEN kept up on the charts.

For Shin Yong Jae, it is said that he will follow solo activities during Woo Joo’s military leave, though according to their agency, there are no concrete plans for that yet. Won Joo, meanwhile, is spending time with his family and friends before his enlistment and for the meanwhile, has no particular schedule to follow until his enlistment.

Source: Star News