4MINUTE promises to release choreography video if “Crazy” reaches 6 million views

Hit girl group 4MINUTE has promised to release a crazy choreography music video for their latest track “Crazy,” should the original music video reach 6 million views on YouTube!

On February 17, 4MINUTE updated their Facebook page with an announcement, calling upon 4NIAs to help the music video for “Crazy” reach 6 million views on YouTube by February 22 since YouTube viewer count is an important factor for music show charts.

As an incentive to encourage 4NIAs to keep replaying the video, 4MINUTE promised to release a choreography video for the track should 6 million views be achieved.

In addition, they also left a reminder that YouTube view counts are a total count of how many times a video has been played from beginning to end.

4MINUTE recently made their comeback with their title track and mini-album “Crazy” which was released on February 9.

Check out their event below!