4Minute’s Sohyun Opens Up About The Members’ Possibly Reuniting For A Reality Show

Will all of the 4Minute members reunite?

Kwon Sohyun sat down for an interview where she opened up on the possibility of all 4Minute members reuniting for a reality show like their seniors F.i.n.K.L through Camping Club.


Sohyun revealed that the members themselves talk about it often. They want to show their fans how much they haven’t changed, but the new funny situations that come with the new chapters in their lives.

I fantasize about it. When the members get together, we sometimes talk about it. We laugh, talking about how we probably have a story that the audience are curious about.

We were never the type to care about our image while promoting and pretend to be something we’re not. Whenever we meet, we’re very blunt with each other and that may be funny to watch. We have a lot to talk about too.

— Kwon Sohyun


Although nothing is underway or confirmed, Sohyun believes that the time will come when all of the members get together for a reality show.

I feel hopeful that the day [for our reality show reunion] will come, but you never know about the future.

— Kwon Sohyun


Although the group has disbanded, the members still keep in contact with each other and cheer each other on in their new separate careers!

We contact each other often. Whether it be a drama or a movie, we tell each other that we’re watching it well. We cheer each other on when we meet in person too.

We’re very comfortable with each other because we understand each other’s situations the best.

I believe that I was lucky to meet these precious people.

— Kwon Sohyun


It’s already been 3 years since the group disbanded, and a reunion of these 5 queens would be a show to watch!

Source: News1