4Minute shows off their bright charms in teaser for new show “4Minute Video”

4Minute has announced that their upcoming show will be premiering on Kstar on July 6th!

“4Minute Video” will feature the popular girl group in a no-holds-barred (no limits) reality show where the members will be showing their true selves completely.

While 4Minute is known for their powerful on-stage charisma, they will be showing different sides of themselves as they share their body care routines, cook for each other, and go camping. They will also show aspects of their daily life through the show including hobbies, habits, and secrets never before seen on broadcast.

Excitement rose with the release of their trailer for the show, which takes fans with 4Minute to the gym, photoshoots, and the recording booth. Follow the show and get an inside look at “Wanna be” Gayoon, “Goddess” Jihyun, “Girl Crush” Jiyoon, “Lovely” Sohyun, and “It Girl” Hyuna as they take you into the lives as girl group members.


Source: Joy News