4MINUTE’s Jiyoon feels like an uninvited guest on “Unpretty Rapstar 2”

The fourth episode of Unpretty Rapstar 2 recently aired and revealed the addition of a new contestant, the one and only Jiyoon of 4MINUTE.

In the previous episode, the first permanent elimination round took place with not one but two female rappers eliminated from the show. Following 1 vs 1 battles with live online voting determining the five bottom contestants in trouble of elimination, FIESTAR‘s Yezi, Ash-B, and Ahn Soo Min battled it out in solo stages to stay on while Heize and Play The Siren‘s Kasper were saved by guest judges Zico and Mad Clown.

Putting it all on the line and revealing her true feelings on her stage, Yezi was saved while Ash-B and Ahn Soo Min were permanently eliminated from the show.

On October 2nd, Jiyoon appeared before the nine remaining contestants of Unpretty Rapstar 2 as the 10th female rapper, surprising everyone else who were not aware of someone else joining them.

Making an appearance after everyone else had enjoyed a delicious dinner, the broadcast could not conceal the tension in the air of a new competitor joining.

In a side interview, Jiyoon said, “It was really chilly. They were already amicable with one another. I felt like I was an uninvited guest.  Even if relations aren’t cut, there’s a feeling. I felt like a loner. I want to get through this.”

Source: News1