4minute’s Sohyun reveals that she maintains contact with the 94-line

Ever wondered if the 1994-line amongst female idol group still keep in touch? 4minute’s Sohyun reveals that they still do! 

On February 11th, Sohyun along with the rest of 4minute appeared as guest on Kim Shin Young’s radio show, where she was asked about the 1994 line. According to Sohyun, “I do still meet with Krystal, Jiyoung, Suzy and the rest of 1994 line.” 

However, as they were too busy to see each other a lot, she reveals that she recently became close with Dohee instead.

Meanwhile, the 1994-line received much love when they first performed for a segment “Winter Songs” back in 2012.

Source: Dispatch