Active 4th Gen Group Goes 500+ Days With No Comeback, Fans Demand Answers

Everyone wants the comeback!

In 2021 and 2022, MBC hosted a survival show titled My Teenage Girl to debut a brand new girl group.

My Teenage Girl contestants | MBC

After weeks of competition, seven trainees were selected to debut as part of CLASS:y. The newly formed group released their first mini-album, Class Is Over on May 5, 2022.

CLASS:y | M25 Entertainment

The group released three mini albums in 2022 and made their Japanese debut with a Japanese version of their debut track, “Shut Down.” However, the following year, their music releases decreased dramatically.

| M25 Entertainment

The group released an additional single album in Japan in February 2023 and has not released any kind of album. While the group did appear on music shows for their non-album single “Winter Bloom,” it has been over 500 days since their last “official” Korean comeback with “Tick Tick Boom.”

CLASS:y is under M25 Entertainment and is one of two groups under the label. Fantasy Boys (formed by the survival show of the same name) are co-managed by M25 and PocketDol and debuted in September 2023.

While fans have not blamed anything but M25 Entertainment for the “hiatus,” Fantasy Boys activities show that the company is active, just not with CLASS:y.

Fans have demanded answers for the long delay, citing that more than half of CLASS:y’s time as a group has not included a comeback.

Hopefully, fans will get their answers, and CLASS:y will make their long-awaited comeback!


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