5 Of The Best Reactions Eric Nam Had To His Own Thirst Tweets

“I’ve never had anybody speak to me this way, but I like it.”

Eric Nam, in his own words, is the most “soft marshmallow, soft nice boy” ever, and this fluffy boy took the time out to sit down with Buzzfeed and read his fans’ thirst tweets!

From all the iconic tweets that were sent, these 5 make it to the top of the list because, frankly, nothing has them beat!

1. “We are not worthy of your thigh cleavage, you killed me now!”

When a fan sent in this tweet, Eric Nam got all riled up because he’s “got chopsticks for legs”!

Also, he’s never heard the term before.


2. “On the other hand, Eric Nam’s body gives me [an] o*gasm. His voice is so f*cking hot.”

He definitely appreciates the sentiment…


I mean, if you feel all that from the music, I’m all about it. I appreciate it.”

…but he hasn’t heard these sentiments in so long!


I haven’t said these words in so long. Like these words; I live in Korea, y’all! I’m not having conversations like “Your body gives me an o*gasm, like what?


3. “I saw Eric Nam earlier in a good light and I choked on my spit

Damn papi, u thicc”


Eric Nam truly released his own inner thirst trap in his reply.


I’ve never had anybody speak to me this way, but I like it. I’m all about it.


4. Sexuality: Eric Nam singing “Treasure”

He definitely agrees, and instructs you to use your imagination for maximum effect.


Its all those high notes, but people get really, really excited from it. Like, when I play that song, and people just…well, use your imagination.


5. “Eric Nam has big d*ck energy and big heart energy”

He appreciates all the love, and assures all his fans this:



All that big d*ck energy coming to ya, and big heart energy in this new album!


Eric Nam is set to release his first full-length English album this month.


Check out the hilarious video here!

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