Here Are 5 Female JYP Entertainment Trainees That Were Praised During Their Showcase

People are hoping for their debut.

On August 29, 2019, JYP Entertainment held their showcase for their trainees called “2019 JYP HOMECOMING: GET YOUR GLOW ON!” There, trainees that were close to debut were able to show off their skills and perform in front of an audience.

The showcase featured 24 trainees—13 girls and 11 boys. Though all talented, there were some trainees that caught peoples’ eyes, with many believing they’ll make it to debut. Here are the female trainees that people have their eyes on!

1. Miihi

Miihi is one of the newer trainees. A Japanese trainee, she was scouted while attending a TWICE concert. Many were impressed with her vocals as well as her cute charm. She was born in 2004.

2. Rima

Rima is another Japanese ’04 liner. Many agree that her visual is top-tier. Fans are under the belief that she will be the center of the next JYP girl group. She has been a trainee since 2015.

3. Hae Won

Hae Won is a ’03 liner and is known as a visual. So fans were surprised with her vocal development and hope that she makes it to the final debut line-up.

4. Lily M

Lily M originally came from K-Pop Star and later joined JYP Entertainment. Originally from Australia, fans were under the belief that she would debut as a soloist due to how amazing her voice is. Because of her ability, fans think she can shine in both a group or as a solo act.

5. Mako

An ’01 liner, Mako is the oldest female trainee right now. Her dance skills are absolutely amazing and people believe she can end up as a TWICE Momo 2.0.

Source: TheQoo