5 NCT Members Nominated For TC Candler Asia’s “The 100 Most Handsome Faces 2020”

Here are the WayV and NCT Dream members that have been chosen so far.

Every year, the organization TC Candler accepts many nominations for its two lists: the female-centered “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces” and the male-centered “The 100 Most Handsome Faces.”

With the introduction of their Asia branch, they’ve begun to roll out the nominations for what appears to be the most beautiful and handsome Asian faces. While idol groups typically have a couple of members nominated, five of NCT‘s members have snatched up nominations.

As of now, the five nominations so far came from two of the group’s units: NCT Dream and WayV. The first three nominations came from the latter, all with different backgrounds. The first to receive the honor was the China-born Xiaojun.

The second member of WayV was none other than the Thai native Ten, who’s been on everyone’s radar since NCT U‘s “The 7th Sense”. For the third, it may be exactly who you’re thinking.

There can’t be a list of handsome people without the Hong Kong-born Lucas, who’s been turning heads since his debut in NCT U’s “BOSS” alongside Jungwoo.

Like WayV’s first nomination, the first of NCT Dream’s belonged to another China-born member. It was the lovely Renjun.

As for the final member, it’ll be another member the list wouldn’t be complete without.

Rounding out the nominations, the ever-handsome Jaemin was the last member of the two groups to be chosen.

Since they’re currently only nominations, everyone will have to wait and see if all five make it onto the final list. There’s also the nominations of the NCT 127 members to look forward to.