5 Taiwanese tourists ARRESTED for assault in Korean club Octagon

Korean media reports that five Taiwanese tourists are arrested and currently under investigation for assault in Club Octagon.

Korean media reports that five Taiwanese tourists and two Koreans were involved in a brawl at Club Octagon in Gangnam, Seoul.

The tourists were part of a group who came to the club on a tour bus. The fight, according to police, started when one of the Taiwanese males danced on the stage and bumped shoulders with a Korean male in his 30s. After a staredown, the two were involved in a fight which their friends also joined in as well.

Five of the Taiwanese tourists fought the Korean male and his one friend. According to witnesses, the Korean male was bleeding from his nose and had taken a lot of damage to his head.

The police are currently investigating the incident by monitoring the camera footage inside the club before any charges will be made.

Source: MBN