52 Year Old Actress Covers Suzy’s “Holiday” And Absolutely Kills It

With age, she only grows more beautiful and graceful!

Actress Kim Sung Ryung appeared on Please Take Care of My Refrigerator and proved that for her, age is truly nothing but a number.

Kim Sung Ryung is actually quite well known for her unchanging beauty no matter how old she is.


She shared with the hosts that she learns girl group dances as part of her work out to keep her figure as fit as it is.

Kim Su Ro, who appeared as the other guest and is a good friend of Kim Sung Ryung’s, mentioned that Kim Sung Ryung is an avid dancer.


Host Kim Seong Joo asked if there is any choreography in particular she would like to show on the program. At first, Kim Sung Ryung hesitated because she didn’t want malicious comments.

“When I do things like this on TV programs, I always get mean comments that say I’m trying too hard or I’m being extra.” — Kim Sung Ryung


Kim Sung Ryung got up and made her way on to the stage though, because she wanted to share the latest moves she learned!

“Please turn on “Holiday” by Suzy!” — Kim Sung Ryung


When the music came on, Kim Sung Ryung was no longer shy to show off her moves!


Hosts and chefs on the show adored Kim Sung Ryung on stage.


She charmed everyone with her graceful movements that really made her age meaningless.


After her cover dance, Kim Sung Ryung playfully complained it wasn’t her best performance because she isn’t used to dancing without a mirror.

“This is the first time I danced without looking at the mirror!” — Kim Sung Ryung


Kim Sung Ryung added that it took her a month to learn the choreography but her month-long effort to move like Suzy really paid off!

Source: Dispatch