Here Are All 57 Confirmed Trainees Who Are Participating In “Produce X 101”

Who is your one-pick so far?

Mnet‘s fourth season of Produce has just kicked off, with the TOP 15 trainees in the A class already announced, and rumors are flying that DSP Media‘s Son Dongpyo took the first center spot. Mnet also held a trainee runway for the first time, revealing some of the trainees to the public prior to the first broadcast of this season’s theme song “_jima” on M! Countdown later today (March 21).

Here are the 57 trainees that have currently been revealed to the public. Trainees number 1 to 15 are confirmed to be A rank. It is expected that there will be 101 trainees in total.

1. Kang Hyunsoo (AAP.Y) – Formerly of LC9 and BLK

2. Lee Joonhyuk (DSP Media)

3. Son Dongpyo (DSP Media)

4. Kim Wooseok (TOP Media) – better known as UP10TION‘s Wooshin

5.  Lee Jinhyuk (TOP Media) – better known as UP10TION’s Wei

6. Moon Hyunbin (Starship Entertainment)

7. Choi Byungchan (Plan A Entertainment) – better known as VICTON‘s Byungchan

8. Song Yuvin (Music Works Entertainment) – better known as MYTEEN‘s Song Yuvin

9. Kim Kookheon (Music Works Entertainment) – better known as MYTEEN’s Kookheon

10. Park Yoonsol (NEST Entertainment)

11. Kim Sihoon (Brand New Music)

12. Kim Hyunbin (Source Music)

13. Ham Wonjin (Starship Entertainment)

14. Choi Soohwan (Individual Trainee)

15. Han Seungwoo (Plan A Entertainment) – better known as VICTON’s Seungwoo

16. Kim Minseo (Urban Works)

17. Cha Junho (Woollim Entertainment)

18. Lee Hangyul (MBK Entertainment) – better known as IM‘s Hangyul and KBS2‘s The Unit participant.

19. Jo Seungyoun (Yuehua Entertainment) – better known as UNIQ‘s Seungyoun

20. Lee Yoojin (Individual Trainee) – Better known as Woo Soo Han from JTBC‘s SKY Castle

21. Wang Jyunhao (Agency Unknown) – Participated in YG Treasure Box

22. Kim Dongbin (KIWI Media) – Participated in Produce 101 Season 2, ranked #58

23. Kim Sunghyun (MMO Entertainment) – better known as IN2IT‘s Sunghyun

24. Geum Donghyun (C9 Entertainment)

25. Lee Midam (Agency Unknown) – Participated in YG Treasure Box

26. Woo Jaewon (Around Us Entertainment)

27. Kim Junjae – Participated in MBC‘s UNDER19, eliminated in Episode 6

28. Hidaka Mahiro (Agency Unknown) – Participated in YG Treasure Box

29. Kang Seokhwa (Agency Unknown) – Participated in YG Treasure Box

30. Yoo Seungjun (Yuehua Entertainment)

31. Nam Donghyun (South Buyers Club) – He is Nam Taehyun’s younger brother

32. Chae Kaho (Source Music)

33. Won Hyunsik (Happy Face Entertainment)

34. Lee Jinwoo (Maroo Entertainment)

35. Kim Dongyoon  (Woollim Entertainment)

36. Lee Taeseung (Maroo Entertainment)

37. Kongthap Paek (Agency Unknown) – Thai actor and singer

38. Nam Dohyun (MBK Entertainment) – Participated in MBC‘s UNDER19, eliminated in Episode 6

39. Kim Sungyeon (Agency Unknown) – Participated in YG Treasure Box

40. Kim Jiho (MBK Entertainment)

41. Kwon Tae Eun (A.conic Entertainment) – He is a model

42. Park Yuri (ESTEEM Entertainment) – He is a model and participated in tvN‘s Society Game Season 2

43. Won Hyuk (Agency Unknown)

44. Park Seonho (SidusHQ) – He is better known as an actor.

45. Kim Hyunchang (Agency Unknown)

46. Kim Yohan (OUI Entertainment)

47. Kang Minhee (Starship Entertainment)

48. Baek Jin (VINE Entertainment) – Participated in JTBC‘s MIXNINE, placed #38

49. Choi Shihyuk (Around Us Entertainment)

50. Wei Ziyue (Maroo Entertainment) – Participated in China’s All For One audition program

51. Kim Yeongsang (MBK Entertainment) – Was supposed to be a member of IM66

52. Lee Jaebin (C9 Entertainment)

53. Lee Sejin (IME Korea) – He is also an actor

54. Lee Hwan (DSP Media)

55. Kwon Heejun (Cre.ker Entertainment)

56. Hwang Yunseong (Woollim Entertainment)

57. Jeon Hyunwoo (Astory Entertainment)