6 Korean Reality Shows Coming To Netflix This Year That You Must Watch

If you enjoyed “Single’s Inferno” and “Physical: 100,” you must watch these!

From Single’s Inferno to Physical: 100, Netflix Korea‘s reality shows are loved by audiences worldwide. Riding the momentum, Netflix plans to release at least eight Korean unscripted reality shows, double that of last year.

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The lineup includes various genres, such as dating, mind games, sex—and zombies.

Here is a sneak peek of six upcoming reality shows.

1. Siren: Survive the Island

Siren: Survive the Island is a survival show similar to Physical: 100, where 24 women with incredible physical strength, like firefighters, athletes, bodyguards, and stuntwomen, compete with one another. Dividing into six teams, the women must use their power, teamwork, and strategic thinking for a week to survive on a mysterious island. Only one team will be deemed the winner.

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2. Zombieverse

Zombieverse is a new and never-before-seen reality show set in an imaginary Seoul under a zombie attack. Participants must survive the “zombie universe” by completing quests like finding food or transportation. The art team from All of Us Are Dead, and the zombie action choreographer from Kingdom worked together to bring the “zombie universe” to life.

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Kim Jin Young from Single’s Inferno 2 excited fans when he posted that he would be a participant in Zombieverse. Other celebrities, including DinDin, Lee Si Young, and Yiombi Jonathan, are set to be in the show.

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3. The Devil’s Plan

The Devil’s Plan is a mind game survival show where celebrity and influencer participants must “take off their social masks” and reveal their true identities. This show is directed by Jeong Jong Yeon, who is famous for producing many of tvN‘s hit shows, The Genius, Society Game, The Great Escape, and Korea’s Got Talent. The winner of the unscripted show will win up to ₩500 million KRW (about $382,000 USD).

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4. 19/20 (Nineteen to Twenty)

19/20 (Nineteen to Twenty) is a reality show that follows the lives of Gen Z participants in their last week of being nineteen years old. During the week, they attend “19 School” and learn lessons that prepare them for adult life, and then on January 1, when Korea usually turns a year older, they all move to the “20 House.” In “20 House,” the young people experience independent lives apart from their parents and teachers and create new and unexpected memories.

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5. Single’s Inferno 3

The first two seasons of Single’s Inferno were highly successful as audiences watched the “hottest” singles in Korea flirt and grow romances with other eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. It was confirmed that there would be a Single’s Inferno 3—but this time, there will be new rules, new places, and unexpected twists and turns that make this season more exciting than the previous ones.

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6. Risqué Business: Japan

Risque Business: Japan will be the first show to be released from this list. It is an interview show that meets people in the adult and sex culture and explores unknown and “risqué” sex-related topics. It is directed by Jung Hyo Min, who is known for creating the show Witch Hunt and Korea No. 1 and it will be hosted by comedian Shin Dong Yup and singer Sung Sikyung.

This show is the first of Netflix Korea’s Originals to have a format of short 30-minute episodes, and it is the first to be produced in five months, which is way faster than previous shows.

Risqué Business: Japan is set to be released on April 25.

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Source: Netflix and Spotv News
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