Here Are The 6 NCT Members That Fans Wish Could Form A Unit

Thousands of fans were all for it.

Since the members of NCT can create an endless amount of units with its many members, fans have recently expressed their wish for a particular six members to form a unit.

NCT 2020 | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

Looking back on an episode of NCT WORLD 2.0, Twitter user @nanajae_27 pointed out one of the groups from a game segment that would work perfectly as a real unit.

For the unit’s lineup, the fan chose Jaemin, Yangyang, Jeno, Shotaro, Haechan, and Renjun. Besides all of them being born in 2000, here’s why they would work so well together.

Renjun, Yangyang, Haechan, Jaemin, Shotaro, and Jeno. | @yeoginnct/Twitter

All of the members have talents that would make them a well-rounded group that could cover all the positions. The lineup was such a hit among NCTzens that over eighteen thousand fans supported the idea.

Since SM Entertainment fulfilled fans’ wishes by making NCT DREAM a permanent group, they may take notes and make this beloved unit a reality.