7 Idol Groups Test Their Bond Attempting To Use Telepathy

We all love a little fun and games that make us fill us with laughter. Especially if it includes our favorite idols.

From funny guessing games like charades, the whisper game has been a hit among those games. The point of the game is to see if the groups can successfully get the correct word or phrase starting with the first player to the following players until they reach the last member. When playing the game, everyone has headphones blaring with music, so it would become more of a challenge to hear what one is shouting.

Let’s watch as 7 different groups play the challenging game that can escalate into a funny mess or into a successful winning round.

Watch as each of the members is trying their best to efficiently form what has been shouted to them. With a small mispronunciation, will they be able to pass?

With the words “Yangnyeom Chicken” will the members pass quickly with no mistakes at all?

Jimin was the first up to be listening and then shouting the answer to the next members. See how they successfully pass the game even while they encountered a small misunderstanding.

Watch each of the members funny reactions and their “game on” faces. To see if they pass the word that was once originally “Paprika” into something else and will they win the prize at the end of the rounds?

From the first round, while the original lyrics to the song was “Do you know that I like you very much”. Kyung misunderstood a word from the very start. Can you guess if the entire game will be in result of a win or lose?

Not only are each of the members hilariously trying to hear and form out the correct answer, they show their fun and dorky side with funny headbands as well.  Although very cute, how many rounds will they pass?

As each of the girls is getting into formation and into their places, even before the game starts they show they excitement and funny sides to the audience. As the game progresses, watch their facial expressions turn from resting to silly ones.