After 7 years, YG Entertainment is ready to debut their new girl group

Seven years after launching the debut of one of South Korea’s hottest girl groups, 2NE1, YG Entertainment is set to introduce another girl group.

According to OSEN on May 18th, the countdown to the agency’s new girl group is set to start soon with YG’s representative Yang Hyun Suk recently having met with several music video directors to discuss recording for the upcoming group.

YG Entertainment officials later confirmed the news, revealing that the currently unnamed girl group would be debuting in July though the specific date has yet to be revealed.

Fans of YG have been highly anticipating their new girl group for years as they were originally expected to debut several years ago. Potential members of the girl group have already surfaced in the entertainment industry including Jennie Kim (G-Dragon “Black”), Kim Jisoo (Epik High “Happen Ending” MV, Producer),  Jang Hana (Jinusean “Tell Me One More Time”) and Moon Sua (Unpretty Rapstar 2)

This will be YG’s first girl group since 2NE1, who debuted in 2009 and recently celebrated their 7th year together on May 17th. On the other hand, following BIGBANG who debuted in 2006, the agency has debuted two boy groups including WINNER (2014) and iKON (2015).

Source: OSEN (1)