8 Makes 1 Team As ATEEZ’s Mingi Appears On Stage For The First Time Since His Hiatus


July 30 was an extremely special day for ATEEZ and ATINY as all eight members were finally able to share the same stage once more – something they haven’t had the chance to do in nearly nine months.

In partnership with the Korea Tourism Organization, an hour long broadcast of the ATEEZ Online Live Travel Talk Show was streamed on the Imagine your Korea program’s YouTube channel.

Despite the fact that ATEEZ’s official announcement earlier in the week featured a promotional photo of the group from when Mingi was still on hiatus, fans were excited to see him standing with the rest of the members when they came out for their introduction!

Mingi’s return was enthusiastically celebrated by the boys, as they all chanted his name when he got up and did part of the dance for “Wave” with Wooyoung and Yunho!

Even though he was probably nervous leading up to the show, Mingi was constantly showered with encouragement from his teammates. The members of ATEEZ truly serve as each other’s strongest support system, and ATINYs were happy to see that Mingi had such an amazing time with all of his best friends there to cheer him on.

After the broadcast, ATEEZ shared two adorable OT8 photos commemorating the occasion.

Are you excited to see them finally promoting with all eight members again?