82-year-old Korean man declared dead by doctors suddenly comes back to life

An 82-year-old Korean man was declared dead by doctors, but shocked everyone when he woke up just an hour later.

A general hospital in Bucheon witnessed a strange miracle where an 82-year-old man, Mr. A, woke up after was declared dead by doctors due to kidney dialysis.

According to the hospital, Mr. A had been struggling for a long time with his illness, and was recently transferred from a smaller hospital as his condition seemed to be getting worse.

Unfortunately, he died just three days after he was transferred, despite the hospital staff’s attempts to revive him multiple times using CPR. His body was then moved to the morgue in preparation for the hospital funeral.

An hour into preparing the funeral, Mr. A’s family members were shocked to find the white sheet over his body moving slightly, and later realized that he was actually alive.

The hospital staff were quickly notified and he was transferred back to the intensive care unit, and over just two days, his condition improved enough to enable him to eat.

Furthermore, a staff from the hospital revealed that Mr. A had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, but immediately recognized his family members as soon as he regained consciousness.

“Mr. A even had Alzheimer’s, but his body recovered well enough for him to recognize his family members. The doctor’s have never experienced anything like this, and it’s a true mystery to all of us.”

— Hospital staff

Source: Dispatch