89-year-old MC touches 2nd grader inappropriately on live TV, and gets away with it

Song Hae was only given a warning for touching a 2nd grader’s genitals.

The Korea Communication Standards Commission has given Song Hae and the show National Singing Contest a warning after the 89-year-old MC was seen touching a 2nd grader’s genitals on a recent broadcast.

On the March 26 broadcast of National Singing Contest, Song Hae was seen inappropriately touching a student without a second thought, upsetting the show’s viewers. When Song Hae touched the 2nd grader, the student asked the MC what he was doing. Song Hae did not deny touching him and instead justified his behavior.

“I touched your penis. You sang a female singer’s song so well that I had to touch [to check].”

— Song Hae

The Korea Communication Standards Commission released a statement on the situation addressing the concern.

“Song Hae is a national MC who receives a lot of love from the public but it was necessary to bring attention to this situation because it was on broadcast.”

— Korea Communication Standards Commission


Source: Hankyung