These Two 98-Liners Went On A Spontaneous Trip Together, Fans Are Loving Their Bond

They’re on a relaxing vacation together.

These two idols have made it known that they are heading off to a spontaneous train trip and fans are falling in love with their friendship.

These two idols are SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan and ASTRO‘s Moonbin! On March 4, Seungkwan shared on his Instagram story a clip of the two in a train captioned, “Spontaneous train trip let’s go.”


These two have apparently been friends since 2016 when they were only 19 years old.


They’re often seen around each other on the stage of music programs…


And apparently, even play badminton together!

What other sports do you enjoy besides weight training?

I’m close with SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan and we often play badminton or ride the bicycle together. I also like walking. I like to move around.

ㅡ Moonbin


Moonbin encourages Seungkwan when he loses confidence…


And Seungkwan accepts Moonbin’s whining after long hours of exercise.


Moonbin once went to SEVENTEEN’s dorm and ate a crab dish made by Seungkwan’s mother. He mentioned it was so good that he ate up a whole bowl of rice like it was nothing. Seungkwan also went to eat a kimchi chicken dish that Moonbin recommended and caused the dish to become a big craze among the SEVENTEEN members.


They also invite each other to their concerts and sometimes the whole group goes to support if their schedules allow. Moonbin even mentioned Seungkwan in their recent album’s “Thanks To” and it is clear that these two idols have an unbreakable bond!


Fans have been falling in love with their adorable friendship.

  • “Both of them are so cuteㅠㅠ let’s support SEVENTEEN and ASTRO!”
  • “I actively support the friendship of these two”
Source: Pann Nate