98 People Busted For Violating Late-Night Business Restriction At An Entertainment Company Practice Room

They were caught again.

Last week, 135 people were busted for violating late-night business restrictions at an entertainment bar located in Gangnam, Seoul. It seems like this building has been busted again for violating restrictions.

| Gangnam Entertainment Bar/Yonhap News

According to the Gangnam Police Station, at 11:58 PM the previous day, 98 people, including staff and guests, were handed over to the competent ward office after being caught violating restrictions at a practice room located on the fifth floor of the same building as the entertainment bar in Yeoksam-dong.

On March 30, the police received a 112 call stating that a “guest and a staff member were hitting each other.” With the cooperation of the fire department, they were able to open the door of the basement bar, only to find no one inside. Then at 11:12 PM, an additional report revealed that the “bar was still open”. The police then returned to search the building, ultimately finding 98 people on the fifth floor.

The police are planning to notify the competent ward offices for violation of quarantine regulations and restrictions on business and gatherings of five or more people. The bar in question already had an administrative order to ban gatherings for ten days after getting busted last week.

A Gangnam office official stated, “If it is determined that the same bar has been cracked down again, we will reinforce measures by issuing an administrative order to ban gatherings for 20 days as well as a fine. If operating in the practice room is confirmed as the operation of an unauthorized entertainment bar, they will be taking measures for violation of the Food Sanitization Act.”

Source: yonhap news