9MUSES’ Kyungri Chops Off Half Of Her Hair In Sudden Style Transformation

9MUSES‘ Kyungri is sporting a very different look after a recent trip to the Salon.

When fans think of Kyungri, they tend to imagine her iconic image; long, voluminous hair which gave her a sexy appeal. However, she recently updated her fans of the big change she made via her Instagram on February 2nd.

She uploaded two videos of her in the middle of receiving the haircut, and one photo of the finished results. In the first video, she can be seen expressing her fears of cutting so much hair off in one go, and trembles while saying, “This is bad!

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“^^ Bet you didn’t think I could do it.. #trembling #bobbedhair #cuttingit”

 – 9Muses Kyungri

She also uploaded a video of her hair being styled after the cut, and appears to like it so far.

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Her most recent post was a photo of the finished results, and she rocks her new short hair. If long hair gave her a sexy and sultry image, short hair gives her a more stylish and innocent one.

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Either way, Kyungri looks gorgeous no matter the hairstyle.

Source: Dispatch