Kyungri tried to eat a lizard, her reaction is exactly what you expect

Celebrities who star in SBS‘s Law of the Jungle have often tried unique and exotic meats due to their living circumstance, and Kyungri has recently joined the team.

9MUSES‘s Kyungri was in Kota Manado, Indonesia for Law of the Jungle, and on the episode aired on February 24, she tried lizard meat for the first time.

The YB team, of which she was part of, captured a lizard and skinned it to prepare for their dinner. Before cooking the lizard on a skewer and over hot coals, Kim Min Seok and Kyungri decided to act out a beer commercial she filmed and invoked quite a bit of laughter.

Once the lizard was cooked, the team members each took a bite and were not only shocked at how delicious it was but also at how it tasted strangely familiar.

According to Kim Min Seok, lizard meat tasted just like roasted chicken, and Kyungri added that she had eaten something that tasted similar and that it really did taste a little bit like chicken.

After tasting the tail of the lizard, Kyungri commented that it was the tastiest part, and appeared to enjoy the taste of lizard meat.

Watch Kyungri and her team try lizard meat here!