A Cube Entertainment denies special treatment on Namjoo’s Sungkyunkwan University admission

A Cube Entertainment denies speculations that Apink’s Namjoo was given special treatment in her admission to Sungkyunkwan University. 

On February 2nd, it was confirmed that Namjoo was admitted to Sungkyunkwan University’s Performing Arts Department for this school year with Cube Entertainment relaying that the singer passed with good results after much preparations. It was also revealed that despite being active as a singer, Namjoo has expressed her interest in the field of performing arts and decided to apply for the department.

However, despite the initial positive response of her admission, many netizens question her admittance as a performing arts major.

A Cube Entertainment immediately responded to the speculations citing that Namjoo did not receive special treatment with her admission. It was revealed that the singer was working steadily for the admissions process for the past year and took the same conditions as regular students. The professors who went through the admission process were also unaware of her identity.

Meanwhile, with her admission confirmed, Namjoo will be balancing both her activities under Apink and academics.

Fellow member Hayoung, on the other hand, postponed entering college this year to focus on their promotions.

Source: Newsen and NoCutNews