A fan donated generous amount under CL’s name for Nepal’s earthquake victims

A fan of 2NE1’s CL has been gaining attention after making a generous donation for Nepal’s earthquake relief. 

On October 12th, international relief agency Oxfam Korea revealed that a man named Lee Jung Hyun donated 25 million won for the relief operation in Nepal and made the sponsorship under CL’s name.

According to Oxfam Korea, a number of people in Nepal suffered from the damage brought by the recent earthquake. The agency continues to rebuild the affected areas by rebuilding houses and communities, dissemination of sanitary facilities as well as livelihood recovery. The recovery efforts continue until optimum well-being and livelihood are restored.

Mr. Lee Jung Hyun, the fan who made the donation under CL’s name, decided to support the charity as a way of supporting CL’s upcoming debut the United States. As he is able to enjoy the arts and culture being a fan of CL, he hopes that this donation are able to restore hopes in the lives of the victims once more.

Meanwhile, CL remains focused in her activities in the United States and gradually appeared in a number of appearances including Mad Decent’s Block Party.

Source: TVReport