“5th Gen Ace”: “A2K” Contestant Camila Goes Viral For Rapping In Three Languages

Many fans have already picked a bias.

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An A2K contestant has gone viral for her trilingual rap skills.

JYP Entertainment‘s new global girl group audition program called A2K, which is an acronym for “America to Korea,” is well underway. The show is co-produced by Republic Records. The objective is to launch a new girl group by the end of 2023. J.Y. Park explained that they sought “American talent to create a girl group through a K-Pop system.

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In Episode 9, “Star Quality Evaluation,” J.Y. Park rates the contestants’ star quality beyond just their vocal and dance performances. And one contestant truly stood out to viewers.

17-year-old Camila Ribeaux Valdes chose to perform a self-written rap in three languages: French, Spanish, and English. J.Y. Park was impressed by the contestants’ multilingual skills. 


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♬ original sound – a2kstann

Camila’s delivery was truly impressive, though. She left everyone in awe, earning the “Star Quality” stone.


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♬ original sound – LMAO 🔛🔝😭

Camila truly stole A2K viewers’ hearts with her performance. The clip went viral on TikTok with 1.3M views at the time of writing. Many have already chosen Camila as their bias, and they suggest she be the group’s leader.

Watch the full episode below.