A2K Contestant Releases A “Diss Track” After VCHA’s Line-Up Announcement

Many hoped she would make the group.

Throughout the summer, viewers have tuned in to JYP Entertainment and Republic Records‘s collaborative audition program A2K (America 2 Korea).

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Following the Korea-based boot camp, the line-up was officially revealed to consist of Lexus Vang, KG Crown, Camila Ribeaux Valdes, Savanna Collins, Kaylee Lee, and Kendall Ebeling.

VCHA | @Official_VCHA/Twitter

The new group released a pre-debut single titled “SeVit” following the announcement.

Netizens have shared their concern over the group’s line-up, especially Kaylee’s young age. As with all survival-type shows, fans have expressed their wish for some contestants to have made the group.

One contestant who stood out to many was Gina De Bosschere, a 14-year-old Korean-French JYPE trainee. She made it to the final episode, where she was not selected to be in the group.

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Before the group’s song was released after the final episode, Gina De Bosschere launched a YouTube channel, releasing her first single. Titled “Freedom,” many fans have interpreted the song as a message about her departure from A2K, seeing it as a “diss track” or “clap back” of sorts.

While many fans were excited over the release, spreading it online…

…others were not impressed by the track, saying it did not sound well-made.

Regardless of netizens’ feelings on the track, it is good to see the trainee taking steps to further her career despite not making it into the group. As of writing, Gina has over 250 thousand views on “Freedom.”