Underage “A2K” Contestant’s “Inappropriate” Performance In Front Of J.Y. Park Has Netizens Feeling Very Uncomfortable

“They could at least tell her it’s not appropriate for her age…”

JYP Entertainment‘s collaborative audition program with Republic Records, A2K, aired its first episode earlier this summer.

Since then, viewers have watched as many talented musicians from the United States have competed for a chance to debut in a girl group produced through the K-Pop system.

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In the previous episode, eleven contestants completed their time at the LA boot camp, with the ten that would go to Korea being revealed.

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The latest episode aired on September 5 and featured the trainees’ first performances in Korea. While all the girls are extremely talented and perform excellently in each episode, one contestant’s stage has gained attention from netizens for the wrong reasons.

A2K Contestants | JYP Entertainment/YouTube

Each contestant was challenged to perform individually to gauge how much they had improved since the LA boot camp. Contestant Kendall Ebelling impressed J.Y. Park with her performance of Sunmi‘s “24 Hours,” earning a sought-after stone following the performance.

“24 Hours” is one of Sunmi’s most iconic tracks and features a sensual beat and sexy lyrics about desiring one’s lover.

When we touch
Electricity spreads all over my body
I close my eyes, what should I do? I love it (Going crazy, going crazy)
The more I drink, the thirstier I get
The more I taste it, the more my body craves for it
I’m falling (Going crazy, going crazy)

24 hours are not enough (Oh, baby)
When I’m with you
Making eye contact with you
24 hours are not enough (Oh, baby)
When I’m touching you
And when you’re touching me

— Lyrics to Sunmi’s “24 Hours”

After the performance was shared on X(former Twitter), some netizens were uncomfortable that Kendall, who is 16 years old, performed the song for J.Y. Park.

While Kendall chose the song herself, she admitted to not understanding Korean, and many felt someone involved in the show should have stepped in.


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