“A2K” Viewers Praise J.Y. Park For Acknowledging Black Musicians’ Contribution To K-Pop

They were pleasantly surprised.

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JYP Entertainment founder, singer-songwriter J.Y. Park (also known as Park Jin Young, The Asiansoul, and JYP) is receiving praise from netizens.

J.Y. Park | JYP Entertainment/YouTube

JYP Entertainment officially started its new global girl group audition program called A2K, which is an acronym for “America to Korea.” The show is co-produced by Republic Records. The objective is to launch a new girl group by the end of 2023. J.Y. Park explained that they sought “American talent to create a girl group through a K-Pop system.

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During Episode 1, J.Y. Park shared how he had partially grown up in New York. His exposure to Black Soul music artists during this time inspired him.

When I lived in America from 7 to 9, I was actually in New York. I fell in love with Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder to Smokey Robinson, all these Black Soul artists just mesmerized me. That’s how it all started for me.

— J.Y. Park

JYP Entertainment/YouTube

J.Y. Park recognized that if it hadn’t been for these musicians, he wouldn’t be where he is today. Black musicians have influenced a lot of popular music, especially K-Pop.

That was music to me! That’s the core and foundation of JYP music.

— J.Y. Park

JYP Entertainment/YouTube

The video clip of J.Y. Park went viral on TikTok with 34.3K views at the time of writing.


if only all company heads could actually acknowledge the fact that black creators CARRIED, and continue to carry, K-pop as a whole😫 im excited to see the diversity in this group. #ryuchaesgf #jyp #A2K #republicrecords #itzy #twice #straykids #missa #wondergirls #nmixx #niziu #got7 #day6 #misamo #2pm #2am #boystory #xdinaryheroes

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Netizens were pleasantly surprised by J.Y. Park’s words. They praised him for not only knowing Black creators’ contribution to K-Pop but acknowledging it.

| @ryuchaesgf/TikTok

J.Y. Park has previously talked about his inspirations and referred to Stevie Wonder as his “idol.” They met in L.A., and J.Y. Park proudly displays their photo.

K-Pop has continually benefited from Black culture, from music, including Hip-Hop, Soul, Afrobeats, etc., to fashion style. Yet, cultural appropriation is a reoccurring problem. And many current Black producers, choreographers, songwriters, etc., go uncredited and underpaid.

The unacknowledged or inappropriate adoption of the customs, practices, ideas of one people or society by members of another and typically more dominant people or society.

— Oxford Languages

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