AB6IX’s Daehwi Responds To Rumors That He’s Gay

He announced his plans to begin taking action.

AB6IX‘s Lee Daehwi appeared on Radio Star to address rumors that claim he likes men. He first revealed that he’s been receiving a lot of malicious comments since the beginning of his career.

But he’s not going to stand for it anymore as he’s begun to personally take action against the haters.

I’ve received a lot of malicious comments since a long time ago. I used to get hurt a lot before because it wasn’t long since I had debuted. But these days, I started clicking ‘Report’ on the malicious comments myself.

I figured it was a solution because I expected that these people didn’t just harm me but harmed other artists too. I press ‘Report’ for comments about me and my members, and I also ask the label to officially report them.

I decided not to take a lenient stand on this anymore.

— Daehwi


When asked which rumors were the most outrageous to him, he explained that rumors of his sexuality based on the way he speaks and his personality angers him.

He clarified that they are groundless rumors.

There were so many groundless rumors. The most outrageous rumor came about was because I have aegyo in my voice. They’d say I have a girly personality, so I had to like men.

I was angry when I heard these rumors because I have my own ideal type.

— Daehwi


He also talked about getting married later on in the future. He claimed that it was his duty to get married and have children as he needs to continue on his family line! He hopes that his fans will be willing to discuss a time frame of when he can start dating and when he can eventually get married.

This could be a dangerous subject for an idol but I’m an only child in my family. My family tree branch cuts off here if I die without having any sons or daughters. So I want to discuss with my fans about when I can start dating or get married.

I’m hoping I could start dating after my 5th anniversary. I have to get married when I still can. I don’t plan on dating if my fans don’t like it though.

— Daehwi


This isn’t the first time Daehwi has spoken up about these rumors, he previously talked about it on Knowing Bros. Although he took a comical approach in the past, it appears he’s decided to take strong action from now on.


Here’s to the day when malicious commenters stop hating on people who are living their best lives in their own ways!

Source: My Daily