Here’s AB6IX’s Lee Daehwi As “Human Fanta” After His Endorsement Of The Brand

This is some pure dedication!

Companies love celebrity branding as a strategic marketing thing – and K-Pop’s hottest idols are always being chased after for their endorsements. Like so, the soda pop brand “Fanta” recently signed with AB6IX‘s Lee Daehwi, along with Somi, to promote their pineapple and orange flavored drinks.


And in light of Lee Daehwi’s most recent airport pictures, AB6IX fans are now pointing out that Fanta is getting the most bang for their bucks for hiring Lee Daehwi – because this K-Pop star has completely embraced his identity of “human form of Fanta”!


Here’s Lee Daehwi spotted at the airport, rocking his Fanta T-shirt…


… and Fanta wrist watch!


No matter where Lee Daehwi goes, he is busy promoting Fanta drinks and fans are cracking up at this enthusiasm and professionalism, taken to the next level.


Fans now refer to Lee Daehwi as “Fanta Boy” and “Human Fanta”. They continue to remain fascinated by the fact that Lee Daehwi, while showcasing his love for Fanta, looks amazing and truly model-like!

Source: THEQOO